Questions for Taiwan Trip

Here are some questions I plan to investigate during my upcoming trip to Taiwan.

1.  To what extent are martial arts of any kind understood to have an impact on the unseen world?
2.  What elements of Daoist or other ritual practices (such as exorcism, purification or renewal) can be identified in martial arts practice?
3.  To what extent can devotional aspects of theater or dance be identified in martial arts?
4.  What can be said about the historical development of martial arts as a form of merit accumulation or dedication on behalf of ancestors, gods, community.
5.  What can we say about the overlap (in purpose or meaning) of dance and martial arts?
6.  Are there parallels between how efficacy is understood in dance/performance and how it is understood in martial arts?
7.  Are there parallels between martial arts practice and the ways in which trance is used in teaching or performing dance and ritual?
8.  How is trance categorized and identified within Daoist and popular ritual traditions?  What can this tell us about the development of martial arts?

Feel free to criticize my methodology or my limited perspective.  Add your own questions too.