Private Lessons

Every student has unique abilities, needs, appetites and interests.  Private lessons are the most traditional way to learn higher levels of skill.  I make every effort to accommodate students who prefer the instantaneous and direct style of transmission that comes with private lessons.  I teach all ages.

Students committing to 4 lessons in advance pay $340.

Single lessons are $100 for one hour, the length of an hour tends to grow if we both want it to.

Many students find it convenient for me to travel to their home for lessons.  A modest travel fee is added for longer journeys.  ($5-$15) Lessons are also held in local parks.

Discounts are available for multiple family members in back to back classes.  Semi-private lessons are also available, each additional student added to a private lesson is $10. 

Call any time between 9 AM & 9 PM to set up a free consultation to discuss the many possible goals & benefits of private lessons.

Scott Park Phillips  415.200.8201