Daodejing Practice Group (Online)

with Scott Park Phillips

The Daodejing (Tao Te Ch’ing) is the central and most sacred book of the Daoist Religion. Assembled into 81 short potent verses around 350 BCE, the Daodejing has been the subject of over 2000 commentaries in Chinese and has been translated into English more than a hundred times in the last hundred years. Its central idea is called wuwei, roughly translated not-doing, or without-intent, and repeatedly points to a type of practice or cultivation which is self-revealing (ziran). 

This group approaches the Daodejing as a practice in conjunction with stillness. It requires a commitment to daily recitation and an hour of sitting or standing still. We did a test group in person in April and attendees expressed interest in continuing the group online. Our next meeting will be online and it is open to new adepts. Because the online medium is still new, adepts should expect some elements of our meetings to be experimental.

After the first two meetings the group will be closed for a year to develop the interpersonal depth necessary for complete transmission of the text and practice.

The next meeting will be held on:

Sunday, Dec. 17th from 8am to 10am (Mountain Time, USA)

$50 per meeting

email gongfuguy@gmail.com

phone 415-200-8201


This is not an open drop-in sort of group. If you are interested, contact Scott to inquire if this is an appropriate group for you. It requires specific Daoist commitments, an appetite for a particular type of practice, and a willingness to create free-time. 


Scott Park Phillips is the author of Possible Origins, A Cultural History of Chinese Martial Arts, Theater, and Religion (2016), he lives in Boulder, Colorado. Scot began training in 1977, under Bing Gong - a senior student of Kuo Lien-Ying, one of the first Chinese 'internal' martial artists teaching in the United States. Scott is also a long term student of George Xu.

With a background in Dance Ethnology, Performance and Improvisation, Scott has been teaching children and adults for the last 25 years, including 5 years at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and 10 years with Performing Arts Workshop.  He has performed in several dance traditions, including the Congolese dance traditions taught by Malonga Casquelourd and the Kathak (Indian Classical) tradition of Chitresh Das. He has also studied Circus Daoyin with Paulie Zink.

Scott was member of Orthodox Daoism in America where he studied religious Daoism for 9 years with Liu Ming.