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Up until now, histories of Chinese martial arts have been ignoring Chinese culture. Possible Origins: A Cultural History of Chinese Martial Arts,Theater, and Religion shows how the practice of martial arts has preserved religious and theatrical traditions hidden inside of martial skills. With 40 images and a straightforward account of the various historical and cultural factors involved, it is easily accessible to the non-specialist. (Read More)

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Soja Martial Arts:  August 26, 27, 28.  Contact Soja to sign up:  click here.   Visit the workshops page for more details.

SCOTT PARK PHILLIPS will be in Berlin (July 6-13th), and London (July 14-25), and Cardiff for the Second Annual Martial Arts Studies Conference (July 19-21).  Classes will resume in Boulder, Colorado on July 26th.

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Looking for traditional Chinese martial arts with intelligence and a sense of humor?  The deeper we go into tradition, the more flexibility and open ended-ness we find there. By leveraging a creative mix of games, discipline and expanded perception we unfold profound change and meaningful living.