Out with the old, in with the New

My computer started crashing about 10 days ago and it has finally reach the point of no return.  Computers must some how be connected to the Underworld because they always pick the times when you are most busy to crash and burn.

So I'm going out to by a new Mac as soon as my laundry is done.

I made myself take private lessons to brush up on my Chinese before my trip.  Not that I've been a good student or anything, but like the computer crashes, it has taken time away from blogging.

Also, I am bringing a video camera on my trip so hopefully I'll bring back something wonderful for everyone to see.

Some people say that you should not tell your blog readers that you are going on a trip because your readership will drop, even if you blog while on the road--which I plan to do.  I solved that problem however, I no longer look at my ratings.  Also, as far as semi-daily blogs about internal martial arts written in English, I'm not seeing too much competition.  Where are my readers going to go?

If you are planning to start a new blog about Internal Martial Arts, this is the time to do it, frankly I could use some more competition!