I just thought I would link to Paul Grilley's yoga site because he has some great pictures of bones.  The idea of these pictures is to show how extraordinarily different each individual person can be (even after death).  All 16 of them are worth looking at.  But it's also brilliant marketing.  With out having to explicitly say it, Grilley sends the message, "Every aspect of who you are is unique and deserving of personal attention, right down to the shape and size of each and every one of your BONES!" (He has also managed to make it impossible to "borrow" his images so make sure you click through to have a look at them.)

I still wonder to what extent the shape of a persons bones can be changed once they have reached adulthood.  I'd like to believe bones can be changed in a positive way, but I don't think my own bones have changed their shape in many years.  How about yours?

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