Inside Out and Upside Down


Damn Gurl! Ronda Rousey Exceeds Expectations! MORE Insanity

MMA is about getting the audience to watch you dominate and be dominated. Get them to feel your rage and pain.


WWE is about WINNING! The goal is to please your opponent and to respond spontaneously to make the audience love you or hate you more. It is about feeling the audience!

Obviously MMA is less successful because they do not train as hard as WWE, nor do they rehearse enough. (Seriously, if you are going to go on the stage, hire a stage director. It is a real skill, it will make you look better, I'm talking to you McGreggor.) 

MMA and WWE represent a type of reversal--if you imagine them as spatial mathematics they have different but related shapes. Like maybe one is the other one turned inside out? 

For my readers who get their news from the Mainstream Media, you might not know that Ronda Rousey just defeated Stephanie McMahon in the Wrestle Mania Ring. It was epic. Stephanie is literally the CEO of WWE. Let that sink in. She took over from her mother, let that sink in. Her mother is the current head of the Small Business Association! A cabinet level position for the United States of America! 


Speaking of turning the world upside down. If you don't know what I'm talking about you have not been following my writings on the Golden Elixir. The Golden Elixir mixed with martial skills is the definition of INTERNAL MARTIAL ARTS. I will go into that in depth in my new next book, which I think will be called Pure Internal Martial Arts, the Dark Origins of Tai Chi and Baguazhang. Basically the idea was that martial arts could be reversed or flipped on their head and this would create new super styles. The Daoist idea of the Golden Elixir, is all about reversals. You set up some way of perceiving and then you reverse it. It is a powerful idea and I have been going WWE crazy about it.

I met the publisher of Kungfu Magazine this weekend, Gene Ching. Awesome dude. Here is his humbling 669 page book! We talked about a wide range of subjects from my book, to the history, production, and transportation of weapons, to medical intervention and support at Reggae concerts. He has a sense of humor, but when I asked him about his most powerful style, he got very quiet. Then he did it. He showed me the most top-secret technique I have ever seen. The Rainbow Unicorn Fist. Yes. Still reeling.

Also thinking about one of the key ideas from the book Fighting For Honor. Deschi Obi explains that the aesthetic of Capoeira comes from the idea that the ancestors are in an upside down world underneath the ocean. Which is a brilliant vision if you think about it. Anyway, Capoeira is a way to access that realm. Turn the world upside down.

I will be teaching in Portland Oregon April 27-29th. We will be turning the world upside down. Literally.