Yuja Wang 王羽佳 and other Notables

Here is an unusual review of Yuja's musical accomplishments: Two Transgressors. She is amazing. 

Unrelated, but here is an exceptionally good article on the Shijie Ritual (leaving the corpse) in Daoism at Wikipedia. The thing to keep in mind here is that ritual and descriptions of ritual are different categories. A person who does Shijie is likely to read the article with delighted amazement at all the creative ways it can be described, and yet would recognized that 'understanding,' and 'experiencing' are fundamentally different. 

Readers might need an academia.edu account to access this article (but it is free to join) and the article is wonderful (but long). 

Daoist Modes of Perception: “Registering” the Living Manifestations of Sire Thunder, and why Zhuang Zi is relevant. by Mark Meulenbeld.

If you are into podcast listening, check out the Angus Graham lectures!

This is happening in Boulder Colorado later this week: Philology and the Study of Classical Chinese Literature: An International Symposium on the Future of Sinology in the 21st Century

I plan on attending Stephen Bokenkamp's lecture, as well as Jia Jinhua's. Check it out.

And right before that, Thursday at 12:30 is the awesome, must attend, Katherine Alexander lecturing on Good Housekeeping during the Qing.