Rolling Along

I will be in San Francisco and Oakland August 18th-29th, so email me if you want to schedule a private lesson or two.  I'm teaching at Soja, Click here to Sign Up:

Friday, Aug. 26th, 7-9 pm  Dance of the Angry Baby God (Slideshow)

Saturday, Aug. 27th 3-7 pm Dance as Self-Defense (Download the PDF and post it!)

Sunday, Aug. 28th 1-5 pm Unlocking Internal Movement

I've put together a page that tells the story of Dance as Self-Defense, complete with images and videos, Check it out!

I would also like to draw people's attention to my friend Rebecca's new invention, Bean Dip, watch the video.

The print version of my book is still a few days away from completion, but it now has a killer index, so it is worth the wait!