Cultural History of Baguazhang

A Free Public Lecture-Slideshow in Boulder

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3005 Sterling Circle, Suite 150, Boulder, CO 

Friday, June 24th 6pm-9pm

The Cultural History of Baguazhang, Dance of an Angry Baby God.

During the first half of the 20th Century, Chinese martial arts were subjected to intense politicization and historical revisionism. Join us as we zero in on the origins of the internal martial art Baguazhang. We will explore theatrical and religious practice through historic images and show how cover stories have been a source of fierce contention, while the real “unspeakable” story has been hidden in plain sight. We will also look at the general question of how Chinese martial arts were understood in the 19th Century in China.

This is an extended version of a paper that will be presented at the Second Annual Martial Arts Studies Conference at Cardiff University in Wales, UK (July 2016). Here is the full abstract!

Everyone interested is welcome to come!  There will be beer and snacks, maybe even some of my wife's famous bloomy-rind goat cheese.

Special thanks to Sifu Adam Reed for hosting this event.  Adam is generous, open-minded, a fantastic martial artist!