Summer Adventures

One Hundred Character for Happiness!

One Hundred Character for Happiness!

Here is my travel schedule:

Berlin from July 6th-13th.

London from July 14th-25th

Cardiff, Wales from July 19-21st (check out the conference)

San Francisco from August 18th-29th (open "adults" and scroll down x3)

Chicago from Sept 15-20th (Daoyin Seminar)

I'm teaching workshops, doing private lessons and showing my slideshow of the history of Baguazhang!

The Cultural History of Baguazhang, Dance of an Angry Baby God. (link to abstract)

During the first half of the 20th Century, Chinese martial arts were subjected to intense politicization and historical revisionism. Join us as we zero in on the origins of the internal martial art Baguazhang. We will explore theatrical and religious practice through historic images and show how cover stories have been a source of fierce contention, while the real “unspeakable” story has been hidden in plain sight. We will also look at the general question of how Chinese martial arts were understood in the 19th Century in China.

This is an extended version of a paper that will be presented at the Second Annual Martial Arts Studies Conference at Cardiff University in Wales, UK (July 2016). 

Do you want me to give the slideshow at your school? Get in touch, I'd love to share this research as widely as possible.  

My workshops page is here.