Read Books!

This is a difficult book but helped me think through a bunch of issues around Chinese opera performers as ritual experts, prostitutes, ideal lovers, the worst possible marriage, orphans and fighting masters.  

The Way of the Mask, by Claude Levi-Strauss 


This is a great book by one of my teachers, thoughtful discussions about martial arts and lots of cool weapons drills.

The Liar the Cheat and the Thief: Deception and the Art of Sword Play, by Maija Soderholm 


This is a great collection of essays.

Perfect Bodies: Sports, Medicine and Immortality Ancient and Modern, edited by Vivienne Lo


This is what I'm reading now, Canonization rituals!:

Guo, Xiaoting, active 18th century

Adventures of the Mad Monk Ji

Xu, Zhonglin, 16th century

Feng shen yan yi (Canonization of the Gods)

Journey to the North: An Ethnohistorical Analysis and Annotated Translation of the Chinese Folk Novel Pei-Yu Chi (Bei Youji) translation by Gary Seaman.