Improvisational Theater Class: A Crooked Path to Enlightenment

I'm teaching a new class....

Improvisational Theater Class:  A Crooked Path to Enlightenment

Games, stage scenes, status games, playing with different types of offers, and developing a sense of what blocking is all about.  

Bio:  Scott Park Phillips studied with Keith Johnstone, one of the world’s leading experts on improvisational theater, at the impressionable age of fifteen.  After his encounters with Johnstone, Scott went on to study dance and martial arts, but he considers this time with Johnstone as profoundly influential to his training and teaching style.  Thirty-three years later he wants to return to this wonderfully fun art and share his depth of knowledge and play. 

RSVP and we will send you the address. Space is very limited, but inviting a friend is okay.

Weekly: Wednesday evenings, 7 PM - 9 PM

North Boulder, CO

Donations accepted