Live Blogging 2

This morning George Xu told me about his elementry school class mate who was a professionally trained pick pocket.  This came up because we were discussing the similarities between high levels of martial arts skill, magic tricks, and pick pocketing.

Anyway, there was a pick pocketing guild for crying out loud.  This kid had mastered 8th Dan on Rolling Wheels!  Which is the equivalent of 6th Dan on still ground.  The ranking went all the way up to 10th Dan.  At 8th Dan you had to be able to pick one persons pocket for every stop on the trolley.  

The kid got caught after he picked the cheif of police's pocket, successfully I should add, but the cheif of police was wise to their strategies of escape and realized after the kid asked him a question that this kid was trying to figure out if he should exit right away or wait.  The police ended up killing the kids teacher after they kept the kid in jail for 6 months.  


Class is going great, but there isn't much to report at the moment.