Wrestling this much as a little kid might stunt his growth, but still, he looks mighty good.  The Yahoo write up is just silly, it's clearly trained skill, not strength.  It's also impossible to tell if there is talent here unless you know more about how he trains and who trains him.

Which reminds me.  At a Rory Miller workshop the other day there was a guy who trains a lot of martial arts... but mostly with weapons.  He said that when he does train open-hand he usually focuses on striking.  This guy expressed a lack of confidence with ground fighting and even stand up grappling.  He said something like, "I haven't really wrestled since I was a little kid."  I was like, don't dismiss that. If you wrestled as a little kid that's the best possible training there is.  As it turned out, when I grappled with him standing up he had a tendency to want to use jumping action in his legs to get control, but he quickly noticed that didn't work.  When we went to the ground, he was as good as anyone.  It's like riding a bike.