Year of the Tiger!

Tiger years are good for pouncing and exorcisms.  If you want to start off with an exorcism, here is a simple one you can do on-line.

It's from David K. Jordan's website.  He has a lot of China-related resources on his site, check it out.  I'm back-logged with my blogging projects at the moment so the interesting links from his site were sitting on my desk top for about three weeks.  In that time the thing I most wanted to share with my readers disappeared!  Drat!

In the China-related resources he had a link called "108 Term Paper Ideas" and somewhere in there he had a link to "What Ever You Do, Do Not Attempt To Write A Term Paper About Martial Arts."  The link lead to a short essay explaining all the reasons why he has had to flunk every person who ever tried to write a paper about martial arts.  Arrgggh!  I'm working on a paper about Exorcism and the Martial Arts, if you can find his essay, pounce on it and send it my way.

Happy year of the Tiger!Tiger