The Latest Stuff

A lot of us would have appreciated not having to sit in desks all day at school, somebody is trying it here.

On that note, I wrote about the problem of ergonomic crime here.

It is so windy in San Francisco, I have a wind burn from teaching outside for 5 hours.

My movement, physiology, anatomy and bodywork expert friend Rebbecca has her new website up, it begins modestly with a quote by yours truly.

My honey half-wife acupuncturist now has an interesting and well written blog, Acupuncture Healthcare.

I saw George Xu this weekend.  He always says something funny.  He told me, "You are like very intelligent furniture."  I took his correction and thankfully fixed the problem.  He said it with a tone like, 'man.... you are the dumbest of the dumb.'   But if you think about it, who would be willing to risk fighting with an intelligent couch?  Or an office desk that can kick, or a piano that can jump?  He also came up with a great description of what makes internal martial arts unique, "First I throw a 100 pound bag of rice at you, then we fight."

Here is a picture of me teaching some 4th grade students last year.