Are Martial Artists Natural Procrastinators?

Or I could have titled this piece, "Does Procrastination Improve Martial Skill."  I've really enjoyed the last couple weeks.  I've had a light schedule and I've gotten plenty of rest.  But all that ends on Monday and I've got mountains of work to do before then.

It seems I've been procrastinating.  This is a skill that has always come easily to me, and I suspect that with age my skill is improving.

Great martial arts skill often involves utter calm, even stillness, followed at the very last moment by explosive energy.  The ability to hold back, to wait calmly, to delay as if nothing in the world could move you, and then to suddenly "Do Stuff!" like really important "Stuff," all at once in a simultaneous blast of energy--sounds like procrastination doesn't it?

Do years of matial arts training help  facilitate better procrastination?