Happy New Year!

If you're just hanging around killing time you might enjoy this funny video:

I justify adding it to my blog because one chapter of the Daodejing (also called the Laozi) just happens to reference mothers milk.  Individual chapters of the Daodejing often have two or three slightly different voices saying similar or supporting things, but this one, more than any other, sounds personal:

Daodejing Chapter 20 (Wangbi)

Get rid of "learning" and there will be no anxiety.
How much difference is there between "yes" and "no" ?
How far removed from each other are "good" and "evil" ?
Yet what the people are in awe of cannot be disregarded.

I am scattered, never having been in a comfortable center.
All the people enjoy themselves, as if they are at the festival of the great sacrifice,
Or climbing the Spring Platform.
I alone remain, not yet having shown myself.
Like an infant who has not yet laughed.
Weary, like one despairing of no home to return to.

All the people enjoy extra
While I have left everything behind.
I am ignorant of the minds of others.
So dull!

While average people are clear and bright, I alone am obscure.
Average people know everything.
To me alone all seems covered.
So flat!

Like the ocean.
Blowing around!
It seems there is no place to rest.
Everybody has a goal in mind.
I alone am as ignorant as a bumpkin.
I alone differ from people.

I enjoy being nourished by the mother.