Milking it

I was performing Wuhudao (five tiger sword), a classic Northern Shaolin form for some first graders the other day. We had a conversation I've had many times with many different groups of kids.

I perform, I bow, the kids clap, "Are there any questions?"

First kid, "Can that sword kill someone?"

Me, "As you can see if you look closely if isn't sharpened." I bring it over for the students to inspect.

Second kid, "Was it sharpened when you first got it?"

Me, "No, it is an authentically weighted practice sword, for training gongfu. It was never sharp."

Third kid, "Could that sword kill somebody?"

Me, "Hhhmmm"

First kid again, "But could that sword be used to kill someone?"

Me, " I think you guys are asking the wrong question."

Another kid, "Would that sword be able to kill someone?"

Me, "Of course this sword could be used to kill someone, but so could a glass of milk. A glass of milk in the wrong hands could become a deadly weapon."

First kid again, "I want to get a sword!"Buffy