Yes it is YellowI've been absent from my blogging duties far too much the last two weeks.  Here's why:
I'm working on some other writing for a book on Daoism and those deadlines are coming up.

I just went to LA for a Paulie Zink Monkey style gongfu workshop this weekend.   I drove a sporty yellow rent-a-car, met some nice people, experienced some great weather with pollution enhanced sunsets, and did a lot of monkey style.  I'm been walking on my fists, rolling, jumping, hopping, grabbing, kicking and shreeking in the lowest of the low, low stances.  These stances are what they call "under the table."Low Stances

Throughout the workshop I was a bad student.  I tried to stay consistent with my theories of not stretching or building muscle.  (Hey, monkeys don't do that stuff!) The results are good so far, no pain, but I've been tired.  I have that "so tired" feeling it is as if each individual cell in my body is uniquely tired.

My half-wife has been moving her acupuncture business to a bigger, brighter, better location.  Everyday is a new exciting drama.  I've been helping with everything I can.  She in exchange has been keeping a journal of every time I say something about how my body hurts.  This came about after she told me I was becoming like a hypochondriac because I report the tiniest little change or weirdness in my body.  I protested that I hardly ever complain, so she decided to keep a record of my complaints.  Now I just come home and say, "Get your book out!"

Two weekends ago I did a George Xu workshop in the middle of a rain and windstorm.  It was outdoors under a small outdoor sheltered area in front of an elementary school.  We had to make sure people were being pushed into the wall because if they were pushed the other way they would have fallen out into the rain and down a bunch of stairs.  I really prefer the warm weather practice, but it wouldn't be gongfu if preferences mattered.

Next week I'm planning on doing a Body Mind Centering workshop on ligaments.
Oh, and I have a full teaching schedule... but don't worry, blogging is my fate.