I read an article about Autism and Hormones two days ago and it got me thinking...but as these things go, I can't find the exact article. Here is one that is similar from Reuters.
A hormone thought to encourage bonding between mothers and their babies may foster social behavior in some adults with autism, French researchers said on Monday.

They found patients who inhaled the hormone oxytocin paid more attention to expressions when looking at pictures of faces and were more likely to understand social cues in a game simulation, the researchers said in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

This is science fiction creeping into our lives.  A nasal spray hormone?  The other article said that this spray makes men less shy and women more maternal.  I suddenly flashed on a future I-Pod App that you can program to adjust your complex hormone balance.

Imagine you're in an argument.  "Hold on a second," you pull out your I-Pod, "I'm starting to get angry here,"  make the adjustment, inhale the spray, presto, "OK, now what were you saying?"

Or imaging you are sick of a kid who won't get out of your hair.  Pull out the spray, inhale.  "Ah, now what is it I can do for you darling?"

There are a lot of creepy dating possibilities.  If hormones can be used to tip a seduction over the edge...yikes.

Marriages rejuvenated by hormone mists?

We already have people using hormones and steroids for crazy body changes.  I wonder if they could be used for getting rid of muscle too?  How about for meditation?  The martial arts training possibilities are legion.

I believe the original article said something about the inhalant making people more trusting.  Man, imagine what a good con-artist could do with that!

At the moment, our knowledge of how hormones work is limited but it's only a matter of time before college students can just skip the cup of coffee and go to straight to class where the room will be filled with "study optimizing hormones."

No more boring meetings, just put your I-pod air freshner on the table and watch you're employees perk up and smile!

The retail options are endless.  Car dealerships will first stimulate you with feelings of manly independence, and then when they are ready to close the deal they will just spray the "trust-me mist" out of the Flower I-pod app on their lapel.

24 hour appetite regulation apps will get you a discount on your health insurance.  "Easy Driver" air fresheners apps in your car will lower you car insurance.

People found guilty of crimes of passion could be given parole with a hormone balancing app that reports mood swings to their parole officer.

It's a brave new world, again.