Two New Classes in Boulder, Colorado

I'm teaching in North Boulder Park, Monday thru Friday 6:30-9:00 AM for the Summer.  In the Fall I may move indoors.  The reason we start early is that makes it much easier to do standing meditation.  In the language of Daoism, morning is the time of life, it is simply eaisier to do transformitive training because the available Qi is changing from dawn to day.  Of course I'm planning to have evening classes too but they have a different character.  Morning is the time to establish daily discipline.

I'm also teaching a kids class, ages 7 to 13 in the same location from 10 AM to Noon.  These are week long sessions Monday to Friday, with the usual gongs, drums and total theater integration.

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Hat tip to Rick Matz over at Cook Ding's Kitchen:

I recommend this article in the Wall Street Journal by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.  What Taleb says has interesting implications for martial arts training.  I'd love to hear what my readers think of this.  Here is his book, which I'm planning to read over the holidays. Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder


Also, this article may be useful for getting us to think about how we condition ourselves.  What is the right metaphor here?  Is this a tough nut to crack or have we just discovered a few pieces of the puzzle?

Blogs, a Forum, Some News and Reviews

I'm finally pulling myself away from the forum Rum Soaked Fist where my comments were the center of controversy on two threads.  One now has over 100 posts, the other is at about 50 posts.

Here are some new blogs I've discovered:
Forum for Traditional Wu Tai Chi Chuan
Hao style Tai Chi Chuan Blog

eastpaw's yeast pause
The Tai Chi Notebook

and Masters of the IMA could keep you busy for a while.

I ran across this article on Stem Cell Experiments:
As military doctors in Iraq and Afghanistan have seen more horrific injuries involving skin, nerve, vascular and bone losses from explosions, they have tried to think of what more could be done for the victims besides bandaging things up and hoping for the best.

Maybe they could regrow the tissue: Grow the cartilage, grow the blood vessels, grow the nerves and even grow the bone.

If you're in San Francisco this Saturday and you want to see some Kabuki with a lecture, check this out.

And I'm going to try to catch God Man Dog at the Taiwan Film Festival.

Meanwhile, I saw Whip It! I think Drew Barrymore is the greatest film maker alive.  I pronounce her King of the Date Movie! Why did I have to come of age in a world without Roller Derby?  What did I do to deserve that.  God, are you listening?  If we are going to win hearts and minds in the Middle East, we've got to put together an Arab/Persian Roller Derby Team (any suggestions for a name?)

I also saw Zombieland, and if you often have the feeling that you are surrounded by zombies and only occasionally meet a human, this is the movie for you.  Fun stuff.

And I also saw Jennifer's Body, I don't know why people say it's full of metaphors, I think it was written by someone I went to high school with.  That's exactly how I remember it.

Oh and District 9, great story, and it makes fun of protesters.