Kickin' It!

Hey we had Kimby Caplan, a cinematographer, over around the holidays and she offered to spend about an hour filming me with her $20,000 camera.  Most of the filming was done in slow-motion.  It came out pretty good even though I was a bit hung-over.

Unfortunately I don't have the software for editing these big files yet.  The piece below was just a minute and a half and seems to work without editing.

Fortunately Youtube dramatically changed their rules.  It use to be that video uploads had to be under 100 MB.  Now they can be up to 2 GB!  That's twenty times larger.  Good thing too because a minute and a half on the fancy camera was over 500 MB.  It looks like Youtube brought the quality down about 80 MB (lost data?).  Still this is a new era.  Enjoy!

Here is the Video Link!