Invitation to Nude Beach Olympics II

If you happen to be in San Francisco this weekend....

Saturday, October 10, 2009, Noon , Baker Beach North (clothing optional-- Golden Gate Bridge end of beach)
Look for 4’ white Olympic Torch
Free event

"Athletes must compete nude. Athletes are competing for honor and a wreath. Spectators are clothing optional. More musicians with acoustic instruments are welcome. Gamblers are invited to bet on contests.

olymathleteOlympic Champion chosen by highest individual total points....

Ancient Greek wrestling. Getting opponent’s buttocks, back, or shoulder on the ground within the ring is a win. 2 out of 3 falls. No slugging, kicking, biting, or gouging.

Sumo wrestling. Getting any part of opponents body on the ground outside of the ring is a win. 2 out of 3 matches. No slugging, kicking, biting, or gouging.

Discus. Closest Frisbee to target wins.

Broad jump. Athlete’s choice on approach distance or style of jump.

Volleyball. 2 out of 3 wins in 21 point sets. This year, teams chosen by team captains in rotation from a pool of players. (This issue has already come up. In future years, based on athletes’ preferences, we may or may not have competitions with intact teams who have trained and played together.)

Touch football (?). Requests have been made to play touch football. If a minimum of 10 players sign up, someone claims to be an impartial knowledgeable referee, and someone brings a football, there will be a game.

Kickboxing exhibition. One out-of-state athlete is looking for an opponent. Telephone us, if you exist......"

(Read the whole thing)

Video from Nude Beach Olympics I at

Look for me if you go...I'll be the one wearing three pairs of long underwear under my pants with a haramaki, a wool shirt scarf and hat!

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