Chocolate (2008)

We were told that the new film Chocolate would be released in February, it never showed up.  It looks like San Francisco is now a second rate film release city.  I think it got a two day release in Cupertino.  Or perhaps it just went straight to DVD.

So anyway we rented it this weekend.  They stole my idea!  I said that great martial artists probably have a subtle form of Asperger's syndrome.  Well the guys in Thailand who made OngBak have made a Kung Fu movie about a girl with Asperger's syndrome who can kick, kick-it-i-kick some serious booty.  She starts out fighting all the guys at the ice factory, think ice claws, picks, and saws.  Then she takes out all the guys at the giant Bangkok butcher shop, think cleavers, hooks, bare chests.  And I think you get the idea.  There are some yakuza moments and even an Asperger's capoeirista (I think) in one scene.

My g-friend/0.5wife cried at one point, so I'm not giving this up as a date movie, but we both liked it and there are some truly great kung fu routines.

The name is autistic.  It has nothing to do with the film.  It should have been called "Fists of Asperger's," or "I Kick 'o yo' Asperger's."