Head is Spinning!

After you watch the video, check this guy's channel there's all kinds of crazy hip hop on the international scene.  The influence of African dance and music on the world stage is profound.  As martial artists we should at least consider that this evolved from a form of head and neck conditioning used for head attacks.  We might even speculate that if the event of being killed, or defeated in a duel, by a head attack had particular significance socially--perhaps causing a loss of status, rank, or inclusion in a group-- or even changed ones status after death, then perhaps the spectacle of spinning on the head was an extraordinary display of martial prowess.  In the book Fighting For Honor, which I reviewed a few days ago, the author Obi explains that in certain parts of Zaire-Angola the religious cosmology posits that the ancestors live on the other side of a great body of water and that everything there happens upside down, and so those ritual specialists capable of communicating with the ancestors do that by dancing upside down.  Wow! Take it away Aichi, Boom and Lazer!