I recently wrote an article on Re-Enchanting the Stick/Staff in Chinese martial arts. I’ll announce it when it is published.

This Re-Enchanting idea is my answer to a question I got a lot after my first book. The question is, how do I apply this new knowledge about the history-origins of martial arts in my daily practice? Basically, what difference does it make to me? Good question.

The answer is that Re-Enchanting your art form is the single most valuable thing you can do.

Let’s take a simple example, the feet. The YMCA version of feet instructions go like this:

  1. Curl your toes to grab the ground

  2. Relax you feet

  3. Spiral the energy upwards through you bubbling well acupuncture point.

  4. etc…

The Theatricality view starts from the assumption that your feet are a vehicle for maximum expression, and therefore should be able and agile in every dimension.

  1. Maximum extension on the balls of the feet

  2. Maximum extension of the Achilles tendon

  3. Maximum point and flex

  4. Balance and power on the outside edge of the foot (blade)

  5. Walk on your heals and toes

  6. All kinds of crazy dance steps

  7. Jumprope, long jump, lateral, diagonal and backwards hops.

  8. etc…

The Re-Enchanted view are specific visualization activation principles that integrate with the Golden Elixir (the source code of internal martial arts)

  1. You are Garuda or a Thunder God (your feet are eagles claws, you have wings lifting you up—This is the first visualization for Xingyiquan ie. Yue Fei is Garuda.

  2. You are a toddler (squeeze your butt, open your chest, shorten your arms and legs)—Baguazhang as Nezah.

  3. You are the god Xuan Wu catching your spleen and liver who have become a giant snake and a turtle. You are standing on them while they sink into the mud. The snaking is wiggling, the turtle is still—Tai Chi.

  4. You are Demon General with predator feet, a tiger or a bear—Liuhe Xinyi

  5. You are walking through mud that is sticking to your feet on your way to becoming a lotus blossoming out infinitely in all directions—like the Buddha—Baguazhang as Nezha.

  6. You are riding a unicycle-like wind-fire wheel—Liuhe Xinyi or Xingyiquan.

  7. You are riding two wind-fire wheels, a bit like roller skates—Baguazhang as Nezha.

  8. You are Zhang Sanfeng stepping on clouds—Tai Chi.

  9. etc…

The Re-Enchanted version includes all the others, but improves on them. For example, if you visualize/actualize an eagles claw for your foot you will engage the heel as a hook. That is, your calcaneus bone will start to develop under-hooks, back-extensions, and rotations (in stillness and in action). Try it!

Immortal Feet copy.jpeg

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