Watershed Moments in Martial Arts History (3)

The previous post was about Japan and the USA coming together in a canonization ritual of cosmic unity. China on the other hand is in a battle against its own history. MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong has been challenging and beating famous kungfu masters over the last few years in an attempt to destroy “Fake Kungfu.” He insulted the snowflake Chen Tai Chi master Chen Xiaowang and now has to pay 400,000 yuan ($60k) and apologize on social media for seven days. He is also now a Thought-Criminal in the new Chinese social status score created by George Orwell.

I wonder what would happen if Chen Xiaowang learned about my book? Would I be banned from travel to China or worse? Whatever the consequences, I would grateful if one of my readers made the effort to pass it on to him or any of the Chen family disciples.

As my book gains in popularity, we can use it as a measure of the Chinese Communist Party’s weakness. I feel a bit like the child pointing out the Emperor Has No Clothes.