Feedback Coming

Graham over at Tai Chi Notebook wrote something funny by way of previews.

Edward Hines of I-Bagua wrote something funny with a little more sting.

If you read French, my first book gets credit for being the lone voice of sanity in the wilderness. This is from José Carmona, who has written the four best books on Chinese martial arts in French. It is the first article on this page. Here is a direct link to the pdf. And he is promising a part two. Thanks to Daniel Mroz for finding it!

This is not direct feedback but high praise in the sense that someone is now working on explaining some of the finer points of the YMCA Consensus. Bill Hayton is working on a book titled The Invention of China. From Unheard: The Welsh Baptist Who Transformed China

Okay, this podcast is really indirect. Because I argue for the moral foundations of history, and of knowing history, I am more closely aligned with fundamentalist Christians these days than I am with most of academia. I have known this for a while, but it is nice to hear it laid out so enthusiastically by Peter Boghoassian, one of the people who put together the Sokal 2 Academic Hoax. One thing most people don’t know is that they tried to hoax Martial Arts Studies and failed. Good news. You can dig around in their archives for fun. Here is the podcast link again. The interviewer, Peter Limberg, is interesting too, he did the Mimetic Tribes of Twitter project, (note, the spreadsheet is better is a more direct experience than the article, find yourself).