News and Updates

I posted the link to my workshop in Portland above. It’s called Pure Animal. Please come if you are anywhere near Portland. It is going to be another fun, ground-breaking experience. Read about it here. (Note, the times are 2-6PM Saturday and Sunday June 1 & 2nd, the school is going through a lot of changes, the website might not have updated the times yet, but the content is right.)

I have watched the whole INTO THE BADLANDS Series (AMC), it has the best choreographed fight scenes of the last few years, and the show was getting better in each of three seasons. I highly recommend it to the artistically inclined. Great use of blood splatter too. The last season has the character the Widow fighting in 4-5 inch heels, and it is glorious. Reminded me that there used to be a lot of women fighters in Chinese opera that would fight in bound feet (men of course, and fake bound-feet, but a similar aesthetic). Here is a wonderful interview by Gene Ching with the star of the show Daniel Wu. Check it out

Start getting extra excited because my book is done! My official release date is May 12th. The digital book is up on the server. I’m waiting for a final proof to arrive for the print version. I have a short promo video that we shot a couple weeks ago that should be done in about a week too!