What's Up China?

Here are three good articles on what’s happening in China these days.

This is an analysis of the Current Trade war framed as a part of the Cold War.


China is Losing

It is roughly predicated on the assumption that American (USA) leadership is aware that it is in a war. That assumption seems new. What does winning look like? I have no idea. Are we talking ideology, power, stability, individual freedom, or something else?

Perhaps the conversation is about social control or a future bodycount. In that case it will depend somewhat on how we frame the bodycounts of the past. These two articles together paint a dark picture. The ‘game of life’ is a totalitarian metaphor. Speaking as a non-conformist, Big Brother was birthed to crush human spirit.

Remembering People Who Died During the Cultural Revolution and How

Big Brother China Gives Everyone and Obedience Rating