I am going through some big shifts. I had a dream about the perfect dance partner, everything we did together always worked. Part of the dream was that this is a dream I have had over and over out to infinity. It as if the perfect dance is always here with me, and yet my life is an obstacle to it. 

Here are a few choice links for my weekly blog. 

Ever wonder why women in the 1800s dueled topless? The best part of this fascinating piece of history is the reason they were dueling. Not love, or truth, but beauty.

GQ did a story on Chinese Patriot Art Thieves. I wish I had more to say about this fascinating turn of events. There are countless pieces of priceless art in China right now which are rotting and degrading from neglect and will soon be lost forever. Murals all over the country that desperately need restoration and preservation. And that is just something I know about, there must be so much more. Yet they want to prove something to themselves about national pride. The humiliation they are still caring around is a dangerous political tool.

Ben Judkins put together a great essay on the Christian origins of Chinese Martial Arts. He is digging through the newspapers!