Legal Strike Teams

This is something we need a lot more of--Legal Strike Teams.

Every year kids' lemonade stands get busted for not having a permit. So Country Time is introducing Legal-Ade, a crack team ready to pay for lemonade stand permits and fines. Find out more at

Small businesses need this kind of support. Local governments are the worst offenders, but state and federal government does it too. Small businesses need these Legal Strike Teams (LSTs) to fight for us when we are hit with red tape and other tricks of the swamp dwellers.

Martial arts groups obviously need this stuff. But so do the self-employed. And people who use parks or wilderness or the beach for business. 

We should have this kind of thing for home owners who just want to build a meditations hut in their backyard, or put in some kind of experimental whatever. Building codes need to be made of rubber (re-flexible) and if they are not, we need a Legal Strike Team to soften them up.

Licensing and permitting have become completely out of control stupid. Insurance would be a good idea if it was simple, direct, streamlined, and crystal clear. The purpose of insurance should be: 1) to save your finances when you honestly make a mistake that harms someone, 2) to quickly fight off lawyers who try to sue you (not settle with them, not create a layer-cake of headaches you have to think about for years on end). 

Anyway, that is one good idea. Instead of insurance, we should have insurance that is primarily a Legal Strike Team that does all kinds of stuff to simplify the laws and dry up the rent-seeking, power-hungry, busy-body, swamps. 

The "class-action" model is dead. We need a model of business-legal action based on a network that jumps "restitution" and goes straight to sorting things out.