Three Workshops in Berkeley March 23 and 25th

I am teaching three workshops in Berkeley, California. They are both at Soja Martial Arts (click the workshops button)

The first on Friday night is all the Neigong stuff I've invented in the last two years.

The second is a kids workshop--followed by a workshop for adults about teaching kids. The idea is that you can come watch me teach and then we will workshop the workshop! (see below)

Pure Internal Strength with Scott Park Phillips

FriDate: 3/23/2018From: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Pure Internal Strength (neigong) uses true acro-circus conditioning with complete hollow-body training to create the illusion of unstoppable martial power. Jettison all that fluffy flowy stuff and reclaim your inner demon. Triple the power, triple the integration.  Scott Park Phillips teaches Pure Internal Martial Arts — he combines Daoist golden elixir with martial skills and dance—pure emptiness then becomes the stage for the effective use of the spatial imagination. Clear and precise movement knowledge guaranteed to blow your mind.

Cost: $45. 10% early bird discount if registered 1 month in advance. Soja members receive a 10% discount.

Teaching for Maximum Encouragement and Self-respect with Scott Park Phillips

SunDate: 3/25/2018From: 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

This is a facilitated opportunity for adult teachers who teach kids to come watch an experienced teacher, and explore ideas and actions about the best ways to teach kids.

Topics include: * Bag of tricks *Core Methods *Managing space, time and sound. 

Mature teens who teach are welcome.

Cost: $45. 10% early bird discount if signed up 1 month prior. Soja members receive a 10% discount.

The first part of this workshop will be taught in conjunction with the Kids Kung Fu Theater workshop.

Kids Kung Fu Theater with Scott Park Phillips

SunDate: 3/25/2018From: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

In this Master Class Scott Park Phillips will teach top-secret invincible animal power techniques which students will then use to improvise comic stage-combat games set to live percussion.


For over 30 years Scott has taught thousands of Children to “develop maximum explosive power and the ability to control it.” Working as a senior artist with Performing Arts Workshop his Northern Shaolin as World Dance methods were featured in two Best Practices Studies by the US Department of Education. This is a once in a lifetime event, do not miss it.


Cost: $25. 10% discount if signed up 1 month prior. Soja members receive a 10% discount.

This workshop will be taught in conjunction with a workshop for teacher's called "Teaching for Maximum Encouragement and Self-respect".

Click the button to sign up for any of the workshops. Then click for kids or adults and then workshops.