End of Summer Links

1. They found the tomb of playwright Tang Xianzu (1550-1616). I wonder if they buried him with a stage and statues of actors (that is a teaser for my next post on Theater of the Dead!).

Strongman trick.jpg

2. We are studying these strongwoman tricks because many of them work in similar ways to Chinese internal martial arts. There is a PDF link in about the 11th paragraph that is well worth reading! 

3. Finally some push-back against zero-tolerance! 

4. Chinatown Goes Whoopee! 1940

5. A nice interview with Paulie Zink.

6. When you are in LA check this place out. A unique sort of depth at the Dharma Health Institute.

7. If you are in Colorado you have a chance to check out He Jinbao.

8. If you've ever wanted to visit China, Livia Kohn would be an awesome guide.

9. My Father just wrote a book called The Most Important Book in Human History! Check out this great review. You'll want to grab a copy while they're hot.