A Citation and a Review

My Home Workout Guan!

My Home Workout Guan!

Paul Bowman's latest paper on embodiment has a citation, and a wonderful footnote at the end, for my book Possible Origins. It's called, "Embodiment as Embodiment of." I suspect readers will need an Academia.edu account to access it. Accounts are free, it's a great service. And I really appreciate the citations because that's how I will get my book into libraries. That and Journal reviews of course.

Chris Pierce wrote a review of how fun it is to collaborate with me. Check it out. I'm always looking for collaborators. Collaborating is difficult, but with the right person/people it is very rewarding. Reach out if you want to work on something amazing.

Speaking of collaborators, my friend Daniel Jaquet is putting out some funny stuff here. He mixes an appetite for serious scholarship with the weird and wacky. Self-defense on a bicycle for ladies!

Mario Staller has an article in the latest Martial Arts Studies Journal suggesting we change our language from realistic self-defense to representative self-defense. I agree. 

While you are there, check out Douglas Wile's description of four new historical Tai Chi documents. I will save my comments on this for a full post later this Summer, but the probability that some of them are forgeries seems quite high.