Tai Chi Notebook Review and Boxer Rebel Flags

I got a great review from Graham Barlow over at The Tai Chi Notebook. Check it out!

I'm back from Israel and France. Great trip, amazing people, many blog posts to follow. I sold lots of books, taught full workshops, and got a chance to share my research with other researchers. I also met at least eight scholars working on different parts of the same problems I'm working on who I had not previously heard of. So that's amazing, and inspiring, and will no doubt lead to new collaborations.  

I got to visit the Museum of the Army in Paris. Cool Museum. I went to look at armor and weapons. But in the chapel behind Napoleon's tomb they used to collect war trophies, particularly flags of the conquered. But during the fall of the Paris Commune (1871), they burned everything. And frankly the French haven't won too many wars since then, so it wasn't hard to spot the flags they captured in 1901 from the Boxer Rebellion. There were no labels or written explanations, but a few people were practicing opera in there...so that was cool...  Anyway, check these out!