Personal Update

I moved into a beautiful three bedroom home in a trailer park in Louisville which is about two minutes on the Denver side of Boulder, Colorado. The location is great, in general, and my wife works six minutes away at Dova Center. It has a big enclosed patio which I have dubbed the gym. It is big enough to teach small classes in and do videos. But the whole thing needs a lot of work, cleaning, construction, repair, painting, gardening, wiring, etc...a lot of work.

Since it is only me and my wife, there is an extra bedroom for guests. So now we can host guest teachers, and week/month long live-in students. It also has a good sized kitchen so I can teach Daoist cooking classes. Perhaps I can organize the gym so that it can double as a small improv theater space. 

My work load was already full, now it has doubled. If any of my contractor friends want to come out and mix a little training with a little work, I think we can make an awesome arrangement. 

I promise to keep blogging through the chaos.