Four Karmas and the Creative Heart

My friend Vajra is teaching a workshop in Boulder worth checking out. He has unique experience with violence, he was the lead inspector for San Francisco's Entertainment Commission which which put him in daily contact with social violence and gang violence hot-spots. He co-founded the 4 Rings Collective with Robert Lee in 2014.

The 4 Karmas and the Creative Heart

Fostering Creativity Through Embodied Awareness

With Sensei Vajra Granelli

This daylong experiential class explores methods of expanding creativity and community-building using the 4 karmas (pacifying, enriching, magnetizing, and destroying) as an active framework. Featuring:

Somatic-Based Meditation

Group Discussion and Exercises

Utilizing Various Art Forms

For More Information or to preregister, Contact

Sunday, April 2, 10am – 5pm

Rising Tide Tattoo Emporium

3193 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80301



Sensei Vajra Granelli holds multiple black belts and teaches Aikido, boxing, Muay Thai, and Borando Kalitsu in Colorado. He has traveled the world studying art and martial arts and has worked as a professional artist for over 20 years. He has taught mindfulness-based performance techniques to first responders, military personnel and civilians across the country.