Daoist Films

Someone on Facebook asked about Daoist films, so I thought I would share my list here.

Master Feng. Portrait of a Daoist Monk restorer of temples in China Today - 冯道长 ——当代中国一位重修庙观的全真道士
(79 mn-in Chinese, subtitles in English-French) Directed by Adeline Herrou [Don't think this is officially released yet. I'll watch for it and let you know.]

Han Xin's Revenge, a Daoist Mystery

Grandma and Her Ghosts

Double Vision.  Daoism meets American Detective

Temptation of a Monk.  

There are a lot of other films I could put on this list, but these are top notch. Double Vision is scary and probably the best produced. Grandma and Her Ghosts is fascinating and made for kids. Han Xin's Revenge is a documentary of a ritual, so it is slow, there are three or four films like this, I think this is the best one. Temptation of a Monk is a great film with some Daoist themes, plus history, sex and death. Master Feng was made my friend and it isn't out yet, but it is a beautiful portrait of Daoism in China today and how one man created an authentic life which embodies the Daodejing.