Ergonomics Update

I wrote a book and I'm working on the next two books now. This work involves a lot of reading. It also involves a lot of working on my laptop computer. How do I do all this and still have the greatest Kung Fu on earth? The answer is I practice all the time, even in my sleep. 

To help you get there, I'm recommending these two awesome products. One of them is new and unusual, the other is very common. 

This thing below is fantastic. It takes less than 45 seconds to adjust the height or angle--once you get the hang of it. You can go from a sitting desk, to a couch desk, to a laying down desk, to a standing desk as you please. Basically you can be hyperactive like me and still get some work done.  I use it with plastic clips to hold books open or to hold manuscripts. (I've never used the fan, that must be for fan-boys.)  Anyway get one, you will thank me later. 

But now you ask, what kind of chair do you sit on when you are not jumping and rolling around? I've tried all kinds of crazy expensive chairs and even sat on giant physio-balls. Don't believe the hype. Here is what you need. A solid steel folding chair with a little padding. These chairs are awesome. First of all if folds up so you can get it out of the way when you are rolling on the ground screaming that the world is full of idiots. Second, you can do some of the most awesome yoga with this chair. Some of this is top secret, not even available on the internet, but I'll give you a quick primer. Slide all the way down the chair until your shoulder blades are on the edge of the seat. Then, while facing upward, put your arms through the back of the chair and reach downward for the bar that holds the two legs together. Now stick your hips in the air and do stuff with your legs. You will thank me later! You can even use a folding steel chair for Professional Wrestling if you are so inclined. 

I've written about ergonomics before, try out the search button in the righthand column. You will find over a 1000 unique and exciting posts in this blog!

Also, when you get the laptop-bookstand and the chair, you will be already to read my book!  Check it out, it is awesome.