Snake Kungfu from Vietnam

Two and a half years ago I wrote about Snake Daoyin and its likely connections to Monkey Kung Fu.  Check it out. I'm reposting this amazing video below of a female Snake Master.

Now compare that to this new video, also from Vietnam, of Snake Kung Fu.

As you can see it is awesome.  The two videos are closely related.  The first is advanced training.  The second is a performance designed to bring out the martial elements.  

This last weekend I was at a workshop taught by Ed Calderón of Ed's Manifesto.  So I'm watching this video with the eyes I got from that workshop.  This sort of work on the ground is designed for fighting multiple opponents, while using a knife, a spike, or even a big nail.  The weapon can easily be passed back and forth between ones hands.  The hands are shaped for digging into wounds, ripping flesh, and gripping the neck and face.  Many of these strikes are for piercing the lungs and kidneys at very close range.  There is also a lot of foot trapping and smashing.  

Pinch the eyebrows and pull down.

Pinch the eyebrows and pull down.