Body Learning Inside the Box

Rebecca Haseltine, a long time friend and one of the best bodyworkers anywhere, has been writing about her work lately.  She has specialized in the extraordinary, working for instance with the severely disabled.  She is an artist too.  She approaches the body as art, which means you don't get sales pitches from her, you don't get stock explanations either. 

She interacts with consciousness as expression, allowing bodywork to happen at the subtlest yet most profound levels.  She also does group workshops and I would love to see her knowledge and experience more widely shared.

Most bodyworkers try to work outside the box, but Rebecca works with the box as it is.  Because of this profound wisdom, sometimes people find working with her confusing. That can be a big plus if you are one of those people who is nourished by not-knowing.  

Yet I find this new writing Rebecca is doing highly accessible.  She has realized that her life's work can only live on if she can figure out ways to make the intangible tangible.  I think many of us share Rebecca's quest to find metaphors for our experiences of bodies; metaphors that carry ways of refreshing the perception-action mobius loop.