Seventy-Five Paintings from 1590

Check out these amazing paintings from around 1590 in the Boxer Codex.  They are in the public domain so let's share them a lot. I've been studying this period and the commercial, smuggling, and pirate culture of the South China Sea for my forthcoming book on Tai Chi.  Douglas Wile in his book The Lost Tai Chi Classics, pointed to the literati (shi) influence of that era, but the merchant influence appears to be equally important. The combination of these two groups shaped the way theater, and thus martial arts, was produced and disseminated.  The 1590s saw an explosion in travel related books, and many of the major works of "literature," were codified into complete texts in that decade--canonization plays like Journey to the West, Journey to the North, Canonization of the Gods, and Outlaws of the Marsh.  

Anyway Check it out.