The Search for Intelligent Life - Garage Sale

Well, in the next week I might put out a few half eatten blog posts that have been laying around here gathering mold.  I've been busy.  My wife and I recently decided to sell everything except books and weapons and head out on the road.  Our plan for the momment is to be gone from California for 3 months. I bought a Honda Oddyessy minivan that we can sleep in if we need to.  I've been packin' and haulin' and chuckin' stuff out.  I've been dehydrating a ton of food for backpacking.  Where are we going?  In the direction of Montana, but there is a good chance we will pass through New Mexico too.  

I have a wifi hotspot on my cell phone so I should be able to blog regularly and talk to people while on the trip!  I don't know if I'll run into any of my readers out there but it would be fun to hook up with friends and enemies alike!  My phone number and email are on the sidebars.  

We are leaving May 15th, 2013!

This Sunday May 5th, we are having a massive blow out garage sale with a bunch of other folks at Pine Haven Farm in Montclair:   6515 Pinehaven Road, Oakland.  

The sale will go from 9 AM to 3 PM and there are all sorts of projects and tours happening at the farm, check out the goats and chickens and all the honey that just came out of the beehives.  

Come on over, say hello and good-bye, and join the party.

If you are into Tea Equipment, I'm selling a ton of it.  Ceramics too.  And kitchen stuff.  Here is the craigslist add with some pictures.