Daoism and the Martial Arts: What is Emptiness?

Lecture Series (2)

Daoism and The Martial Arts:

"What is Emptiness?"

21701773_godWhat are the uses of emptiness?

Why was emptiness sought after by generals, princes, actors, exorcists, daoist hermits, fengshui masters, poets, judges, martial artists, and weavers?

Could emptiness mean being really, really relaxed?  Or could it refer to becoming a container?  If so, a container for what?

What is the difference between an empty body and an empty mind?

If becoming empty is a good thing, how is it applied?

Does qigong, yogic daoyin or tai chi help with this stuff?

Is there more than one type of emptiness?

This talk will cover the latest research into these questions and more.
May 20th, 2012

East Bay Yoga Shala

Sunday, 10:30 AM

2050 4th Street

Berkeley, CA

Scott P. Phillips teaches traditional Chinese martial arts, which he began studying when we was 10 years old.  Instead of summer-camp, his parents sent him to a Buddhist monastery.  His life long study of history, spontaneity, and Daoism is a regular part of his teaching.