Coregasm Armageddon

Are you okay with this people?  My first thought was, "Well, that's the end of tai chi then."

(also see here, here can watch a coregasm video here, and here, and oh what the heck.)

If women are doing core strengthening and boot camps because they are having orgasms during training, it's going to be pretty hard to convince them that weakness is better.  I frequently get questions about core strengthening and I simply had no idea what was really behind them.  Duh!  Farewell innocence.  I will never think of boot camps the same way again.   As I'm doing my 6 am standing meditation (Yiquan) in the park and over the sounds of chirping birds I hear the characteristic boot camp sounds of panting and grunting ("Push it ladies!") -- I will long for the days of simple vanity.

Of course tai chi-gasms™ happen in every cell of your body, and your mind!  Meaning that they happen from your fingers all the way to your toes and even outside your body.  Coregasms are merely abdominal. Yawn.

That's why it is so important to find a qualified master.  North Star Martial Arts is the first organization in the world to offer a full certification in tai chi-gasms™.  There is no substitute for the real thing.  We deliver.

Oh, and when you least expect it, expect it!