Big Changes

IMG_0254There is a lot to celebrate.  And a lot to get done.

My Youtube Channel popped one million views last week, just in time for my 44th birthday.  And this here is just about my 700th blog post.  I have plans for a bunch of video lectures and a primer on Baguazhang.  I've also got plans to tie up this blog and start a new one with a slightly different voice.  "Weakness with a Twist" was the old me...I need a new name...ideas?  Also I'm still committed to publishing a paper on kinesiology and one on history in the next year.

At the beginning of the Summer, two days before I went to Japan for three weeks, I moved out of San Francisco, where I have lived for nearly 42 years of my life. I didn't move all that far away, as I can still commute in for class two mornings a week at 5:30 AM.  But now I'm in the suburbs and it is warm, both in terms of heat and friendliness.  I can bang away on my drums and gongs and nobody is close enough to my home to care!  I'm on a major bicycle route.  I'm two blocks from a black powder bullet train (BART), and Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods is four blocks, as is a brand new Library with LINK+ services and plenty of indoor and outdoor workspace.  I have a garden now.  And there is great hiking out my front door.


Here is what's happening next week in Lafayette, CA:
New at the Lafayette Community Center
500 Saint Mary’s Road
September 6th  Tai Chi & Qi Gong
September 10th Free Kung Fu Demo!

Tai Chi and Qigong class! Come to the first class for free and get a chance to meet and ask questions of our new teacher Scott P. Phillips.  Before moving to Lafayette Scott taught these classes at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (in San Francisco).  He has extensive experience teaching people of all ages and has been doing traditional Chinese martial arts since 1977.   Come feel the Qi!

Manzanita Room  Tuesday 9/6   6:30 to 7:30 PM
Kung Fu Action Demo! Maximum Explosive Power Mixed with Soft Spiraling Punches and Kicks that Shoot Out like Frog's Tongues!  Come see this performance of traditional Chinese Kung Fu forms featuring, Bare Handed Shaolin, Five Tigers Broad Sword, 8 Immortals Double Edged Sword, and 8 Directions Spinning Palm.  Fun for kids, teens, and adults too!  Come with questions, get a chance to play the drum, the gongs or the wood block, and get a taste of the power.

Lafayette Community Center Back Patio
Saturday 9/10
First Performance 10:30 PM
Second Performance 1:00 PM
Free Community Tai Chi Class, Saturdays 8-10 AM at the Lafayette Reservoir (under the tree, just past the second parking lot)

Here is a PDF of my latest offerings in Lafayette, CA in case you want to post it in your office or home!

And I already let people know about my new morning locations, but here it is again.

I haven't put all the materials together yet, but I'm going to be teaching Friday nights in Berkeley starting in October.