Watching TV is more Dangerous Than Smoking

real-flavor-winstonWell, what if you watch TV and smoke at the same time? Do they cancel each other out since smoking is an appetite suppressant?  Oh dear, what about horror movies, good for blood circulation no doubt, but could too many lead to loss of sleep.  And what about the various theories of intensity?  A fast beating heart for a short period of time each day makes the heart beat slower for the rest of the day.  Texting?  Does it shorten your life?  What about Sexting?  Does muting the commercials help?  The article says that watching TV for an hour takes  twenty minutes off of your life.  Now I only watch TV on the computer and I didn't watch any TV between age 12 and 34 so I'm probably going to live forever.  However, what would happen if people visualized the process.  You know, sort of like a giant game of hang man!  You could put your life span up on the wall.  Paint in just a little bit more of that giant hang man every time you turn on the tube.  You could paint in a little bit every time you stay up late or drink single malt whiskey.  The more demonstrably visible this giant hang man was, the more talismanic it's effects would be.  Here is another idea, you could have a watch that counts down to your demise.  It could have a "bit-o-life-lost" button which you would have to push every time you got in a stressful argument.  Heck, they should bust out an app for that!  How many minutes do you have left?